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Get Ready for Jorja Allure

Jorja Allure is ready to meet all of your skin care needs and providing self care!

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The Full Story

As a Registered Nurse, I want people to not only feel good, but look good too. Feeling good starts with self care. What better way to care for yourself than skin care?!? After realizing how many unnecessary chemicals are in over the counter products, I knew I wanted to use something better for my skin. These products are made with natural ingredients and have no harsh preservatives added. They are also made in small batches to increase shelf life.



Customer Reviews

"I love me some Jorja Allure! The cleanser & the serum make my skin feel so clean. And that toner -  I absolutely love the fresh lemon fragrance! So far, my skin has been glowing more with less breakouts. Can't wait to try their other products!"

Megan T., Georgia

" I was interested in trying Jorja Allure due to the natural ingredients. My skin is very sensitive and I suffer from eczema. The cleanser was very mild and left my face feeling soft. The toner had a fresh scent which made me ready for the day"!

Tameria C., Indiana

"I’ve been using Jorja Allure for 2 weeks now and I love it! I have oily sensitive skin and the products are gentle yet cleansing enough that my face feels clean and smooth.  I feel like the cleanser actually cleans my face and the Serum has been great for under my eyes and nose area where my glasses sit.  I also love the toner and use it if I feel oily, I just give my face a spray and wipe with a cotton ball. I would highly recommend you try these products. I can’t wait to try the sugar scrub!"

Kaniece S., Georgia

"Jorja Allure has left my skin feeling so soft and smooth!  I have very sensitive skin and struggle with using many over the counter products.  Jorja Allure does not irritate my skin at all.  In fact, the cleanser, toner, and serum have helped my skin feel healthier than ever before.  The products are lightweight and leave my skin feeling hydrated.  I can't wait to try more of the products!!"

Keesha T., Kentucky

"I thought the products were of good quality. All of the products I used felt really lightweight. The cleanser did a good job of getting my skin clean, and it didn’t feel like I had any residue on my skin after using the cleanser and toner. Which I appreciate.  I could tell the cleanser got my face pretty clean because when I used the toner, not much dirt was on the cotton ball. I used the serum daily and it gave my skin just enough moisture without feeling greasy. I just wasn't a fan of the medicine dropper top on the serum. But, I’d recommend your products to people."

Erica H., Illinois

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